dlexDB WebLicht API

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Schema kern

Table lem

For a gentle introduction to the contents of this table, please see the dlexDB user documentation.


CMD for this service

Query parameters

All query parameters are optional.

Name of the property (database column) to use for the ordering of the result set. Ordering by more than one column is not supported.
desc or asc
Maximum number of results to be retrieved. If no limit is given, a maximum number of 10 results will be delivered by default.
Filter expression

The POST body may be empty, or it may contain a filter expression according to the syntax below. Its content type should be given as Content-type: text/query-dlexdb. This content type is plain text in UTF-8 encoding, and the contents must follow the following format:


where PROPn is the name of a property (database column), OPn is an operator, and VALn is a value of the appropriate type. PROPn and OPn are separated by two underscores, and there are no spaces around the = sign. String values must not be quoted, but may contain spaces. Surrounding whitespace and empty lines will be ignored by the parser.

Operators are:

eqequals (for numbers or strings, case-sensitive)
eqiequals (for strings, case-insensitive)
reregular expression match (for strings, case-sensitive)
reiregular expression match (for strings, case-insensitive)
gegreater or equal (for numbers)
leless or equal (for numbers)

Multiple conditions on the same field using the same operator are not allowed. One of them would be chosen randomly while the others are discarded.

Properties available through WebLicht in dlexDB table lem

2 properties

PropertyDescriptionData typeUser documentation
lem_freq_abs int /doc/lem_freq/
lem_freq_nor float /doc/lem_freq/