dlexDB WebLicht API

List query

Schema kern

Table lem

Property lem_freq_abs

For a gentle introduction to the contents of this table, please see the dlexDB user documentation. The lem_freq_abs column is documented here.


CMD for this service


The service at the present URL can be used by POSTing an TCF-Lexicon document (XML) to it. The content type should be specified as text/lexicon+xml. The document must contain a <entries> element with lexical entries encoded in <entry> elements. This service will fetch from dlexDB's lem table the lem_freq_abs values and return the input document augmented with a <frequencies> element, in which the fetched property values will be encoded. For lexical entries in input list which cannot be found in dlexDB's lem table, a null value will be returned.

Query parameters
This service takes no query parameters.
This service takes no filters.