The dlexDB query page provides access to the dlexDB lexical database. dlexDB is based on the reference corpus of the German language of the 20th century compiled by the Digital Dictionary of the German Language (DWDS) at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Science (BBAW).

Please see First steps for a quick introduction to the dlexDB query facility.

Please consult the documentation on each of dlexDB's Tables to learn more about its content and the respective query possibilities.

The Results, Save query and Export results pages explain how to deal with results sets, how to save a query for later reference, and how to export a result set, respectively.

The List query page explains the list query facility.

The Filters page lists all of dlexDB's filters of all tables for reference.

The Regular expressions page describes the regular expressions that can be used to query any of dlexDB's string columns.

The Text corpus page describes the text corpus on which dlexDB is based.

The References page lists references to publications related to the project, to the resources and tools we are using, to the theoretical background and to our own psychological/psycholinguistic research.