Annotated type bigram frequency


The number of occurrences of a annotated type bigram in the underlying corpus. An annotated type bigram is an ordered pair of annoted types. That is, if a type bigram like die Demokratie receives two different morphosyntactic analyses - die may be tagged as an article ART or as a relative pronoun PRELS (like in diejenigen, die Demokratie wollen) -, then die Demokratie will have two different entries in the Annotated type bigrams table with different PoS tags on its components and different annotated frequencies in column Annotated type bigram frequency.

Data type:

Data type:
Corpus frequency
Data subtypes
Absolute value, normalized value, absolute value log10, normalized value log10, rank, rank 123
Basis of normalization
per million tokens
Query operators
greater or equal, lower or equal
Null value

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For the frequency of the pure orthographic form of the same bigram, please refer to the Type bigram frequency column in the Type bigrams table.