Workshop “Lexical Resources in Psycholinguistic Research”

On March 28, 2011, the dlexDB project organized a workshop on “Lexical Resources in Psycholinguistic Research” as a satellite event to the QITL-4 conference on “Quantitative Investigations in Theoretical Linguistics”. The speakers and their topics were:

R. Harald Baayen (Invited speaker)
Plenary Talk: Resource requirements for neo-generative modeling in (psycho)linguistics
Lara Kresse, Stefan Kirschner, Stefanie Dipper, Eva Belke
Towards exploring the specific influences of wordform frequency, lemma frequency and OLD20 on visual word recognition and reading aloud
Emmanuel Keuleers, Marc Brysbaert, Boris New
An evaluation of the Google Books ngrams for psycholinguistic research
Julian Heister, Edmund Pohl, Kay-Michael Würzner
dlexDB in Depth
Heike Zinsmeister, Eva Smolka
Corpus-based evidence for approximating semantic transparency of complex verbs
Benny B. Briesemeister, Markus J. Hofmann, Lars Kuchinke, Arthur M. Jacobs
Psycholinguistic databases in research on emotional processing

The workshop proceedings have been published in the Potsdam Cognitive Science Series (Vol. 3) and can be downloaded from UP's publication server:


Current version

New tables: all measures in case-insensitive variant.